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Environment and Natural Resources

The environmental and natural resources area is made up of professionals in the law of natural resources and the environment, natural sciences, and engineering sciences, with recognized trajectory and experience in professional and academic practice in activities both at national and international scale. We advise interdisciplinary in the legal field with links in technical environmental consulting in a comprehensive and personalized way according to the legal – technical needs in reference to the environment and natural resources of each client organization.

Our professional team presides and is a member of the Ibero-American Association of Law, Culture and Environment, and has integrated and integrates managerial functions in the institutes of Ecology, Environment and Natural Resources and Energy Law of the Public Bar Association of Buenos Aires City(Argentina), and the Environmental Law Institute of the Morón Bar Association of the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), among other renowned institutes and organizations of which it has formed and is part of the hierarchical team.

Our commitment is to build lasting and strategic relationships with our clients, accompanying them and advising them legally and environmentally in the development of projects related to activities that bring together the environment and the law.

We manage solutions

We form a wide network with prestigious professionals of excellence associated who are in various countries, enabling adequate advice on legal and environmental services on a national and international scale.

Our expert team has state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly trained professionals. Our service is based on an integrating approach between the different areas of law and environmental sciences with vast development in the area of natural resources, responding to both legal requirements and the needs of the environmental management system of each organization.

Our services are aligned with the principles and Sustainable Development Goals of the Global Compact promoted by the UN-United Nations Organization.

Practice areas

We elaborate specific diagnoses that allow to prevent, mitigate or avoid negative environmental impacts considering the current national and international regulations.

We develop comprehensive health and safety plans at work and the environment, managing links with the corresponding control bodies -ACUMAR, ADA, INA, among others-.

We carry out administrative audits in different organizations in addition to advising and training the personnel in charge of receiving and attending to different inspections.

We advise on the comprehensive management of waste in order to minimize the negative impacts it produces on the environment. We assist in the management of its disposal for both the private and public sectors.

We design and implement urban hygiene plans, from the formulation of the bidding documentation, articulating with the coordination of laboratory measurements, to the evaluation and correction of their implementation.

We investigate and advise on the identification, evaluation and characterization of emissions evaluating the capabilities of the receiving environment.

We develop projects for the installation of effluent treatment in industrial and residential works.

We design projects for urban and industrial sites, including from working with pavements, excavations, mines and quarries, to the construction of dikes and dams, among other related activities.

We carry out geotechnical, seismic and geological surveys, we implement the GIS -Geographic Information System- for decision-making in the elaboration of projects, and we develop activities related to geophysics, geoelectrics, hydrological and hydrogeological studies.

We develop projects that prioritize the sustainability of resources such as soil and water, including from the management of permits in organizations such as AySA and ADA to the monitoring of liquid and gaseous effluents.

We manage projects of different kinds such as recovery of rivers and flooded lands, projects related to coastal and marine resources, studies of the water network and construction of drains, treatment of effluents for neighborhoods without connection to sewers, projects for the provision of water, among others. .

We manage projects that involve the generation of electrical energy such as nuclear, hydraulic, tidal, and that from coal, gas and oil, and the conversion of plants to different kinds of fuels.

We plan and optimize environmental control and analysis systems in an integral way, considering the particular needs and the improvement of production cycles.

We assist in the formulation, risk analysis, execution and impact assessment of environmental management plans attentive to ISO 14000 standards and the corresponding regulations.

We develop and execute contingency plans including comprehensive remediation management at the affected sites.

Within hydrocarbons, we specifically advise on projects related to gas.

We carry out activities that range from advice to the development and implementation of projects. Among our services we offer:

Feasibility studies, implementation, distribution and monitoring of unaccounted for gas and natural gas processes.
Work audits and quality control systems attentive to ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and relevant regulations.
Onshore and offshore pipeline integrity assessment.
Preparation of bidding documents and analysis of offers.
Development of service station projects.

We develop occupational hygiene and safety plans, as well as occupational safety, health and environmental safety programs –Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) – ranging from management with government entities to their implementation and evaluation.

With our communication area, we manage the change of the organizational culture and the development of contingency programs for the prevention and reduction of accidents.

We develop programs for activities related to forestry and forest ecosystems.

We monitor and advise on issues related to forest and tree resources, and trends towards deforestation.

  1. We train in environmental law deepening in natural resources in connection with the law, the environment, and corporate and governmental responsibility. It seeks to work on raising awareness in reference to the national and international legal status of the environment and human life, as well as the derivative, civil, public and criminal responsibility for environmental damage.
  2. We train in reference to the environment with a particular focus on natural resources, in order to achieve a global and local understanding of the problems, their causes, effects, and alternatives for their possible resolution. It deepens awareness about caring for the environment and preventing the impact of its deterioration
  3. We train in environmental safety and hygiene addressing aspects that imply the development of contingency programs for the prevention and reduction of environmental impact.
  4. We train and promote awareness of problems related to the environment and possible adverse effects related to organizational activity. It works on ethical principles and in relation to a local and global view of the problem.
  5. We train in the preparation of manuals of good environmental practices oriented to the specific activity of each organization.
  6. We develop programs based on the survey of the needs of each organization in order to respond to particular demands and challenges.
  7. We plan training and training programs both for knowledge and process management, as well as for the development of socio-emotional skills that operate as solutions aimed at people and work teams.

The training and custom training programs respond to a previous diagnosis and are adapted according to the requirements of each organization.

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