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Communication and marketing

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations Carla Tonela, Department Director

The Communication and Marketing area is made up of professionals in communication, public relations, advertising, psychology, marketing and human resources, with recognized trajectory and experience in professional and academic practice in activities both on a national and national scale. international. We advise in a comprehensive and personalized way according to the needs of each client organization, understanding that, mainly the business and government sectors, not only must manage receiving agile business legal advice and according to their needs, but must be able to communicate it in a way efficient and effective, this being the main objective of our communication department.

Organizations coexist in an ecosystem made up of different key social actors who have communicational interests. Differentiating the message for each of them, establishing coherence among all of them, allows building transparency, solidity, trust and institutional unity.

Our work team has professional experience in consulting and advice in communication, addressing the needs from an integrative approach from the different areas involved.

Our commitment is to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, accompanying them in the various communication strategies with the various publics of interest in order to achieve message effectiveness and communicational coherence between the internal actors of the organization and the external ones.

We manage solutions

We form a wide network with prestigious associate professionals of excellence who are at the forefront of trends on a national and international scale.

Our services are aligned with the principles and Sustainable Development Goals of the Global Compact promoted by the UN-United Nations Organization.

Practice areas

We develop comprehensive plans that aim to achieve the image
desired based on the organizational vision and mission. For it,
we develop image audits to know the current perception of
the different publics of interest about the organization and we generate
improvement proposals to achieve the desired objective.

We develop comprehensive marketing plans either for the launch of a product or service, for its relaunch, or for brand development, managing from market research to communication and product insertion.

Also, we develop public relations plans in order to consolidate the desired organizational image, whether for government areas, companies, non-profit organizations and celebrities.

For government areas we develop comprehensively, relations with the community, administrative personnel, companies, the press, unions, non-profit organizations, other state agencies, among other stakeholders.

For companies, hierarchical or publicly relevant people and celebrities we develop comprehensively in accordance with the marketing objectives of the business, strategies and relationships with different audiences such as relations with the community, the press, employees, shareholders, clients, cameras. , the unions, the government, among others.

For non-profit organizations, we develop strategic relationships with donors, volunteers, companies, members of the organization, other non-profit organizations, the community, the government, the press, among others.

We develop programs and globally advise organizations that decide to initiate a change in their institutional policy towards a socially responsible model. We manage communication programs that allow us to transform and accompany organizations towards the CSR management model.
We manage potential conflicts and institutional crises in a comprehensive way, addressing the development of the contingency plan and building from the anti-crisis manual and the strategy, to the management of communication with the press and with employees, assistance and containment of victims and their families , among other aspects that allow the development of a proactive and reactive strategic plan in critical situations.
We develop from the isologotype to the institutional material of the organization in different supports that communicate the organizational identity such as billboards, Intranet, house organ, institutional dossier and brochure, brochures, institutional advertising, web design, among others.
We strategically manage social networks by developing and creating content of interest. We perform qualitative and quantitative measurements and evaluations about content development.

We develop and create commercial, academic or scientific content allowing the organization and its activity to be positioned and repositioned.

We make edits and style corrections and carry out research managing its dissemination.

We elaborate communication pieces in all media such as graphics, television, radio, online, public roads, among others, as well as internal communication tools in different media.

We carry out procedure manuals, effective presentations, annual reports, rendering of impact programs related to corporate social responsibility, among other tools that allow the strategic dissemination of the spirit and organizational activity.

We elaborate commercial, political, institutional, public good advertising spots, among others, ranging from the script, to the production and realization.

We offer the management of the purchase of spaces in the media in case of being requested by the advertiser.

We strategically develop relationships with the press, both with local and national and international media, optimizing resources. We analyze and manage the follow-up and monitoring in the media through a quantitative and qualitative analysis regarding the treatment of information.

We promote the development of team spirit and belonging by working on the integration of the different sectors, bridging the gaps generated by motivational, generational and cultural differences, agreeing on interests within the workplace in order to achieve optimal results between own and organizational interests. .

We manage processes of adaptation to organizational changes -either due to new institutional policies such as the development of corporate social responsibility, new business approaches, among other strategic decisions-, mergers, acquisitions, personnel recruitment, coexistence of different generations, among other reasons that require a sustained and gradual work towards a unified cultural institutional change.

We develop activities, events, and communication material that promote change and the new cultural impregnation of the organization.

We develop corporate and government events, respecting, as appropriate, business policies, ceremonial and related protocol. We manage events of different types of scope, of magnitude, and aimed at different audiences.

We develop institutional projects according to the objective set by each organization, as well as, we guide in the development of the objective, optimizing resources, interests, strategies and scenarios.

We train and promote the development of socio-emotional skills that allow us to work on the figure and role of the leader, deepening the skills, self-knowledge, strengths, communication and vision for the development of organizational management.

For this, the proposal also implies acquiring tools to detect opportunities for change, project management and their implementation, promoting the assumption of challenges and the strategic delegation of activities.

We train and provide strategies that allow us to approach and enhance the business from the point of view of the seller and from the consultant seller.

The program provides specific techniques and methods to identify new business opportunities and evaluate new clients, boost sales and retain existing clients, develop active listening and self-motivation, and optimize communication channels to achieve quantitative and qualitatively positive results.

We train and provide tools that allow us to work on customer loyalty in companies or donors in non-profit organizations. It is oriented to the most optimal ways to continue with the post-sale or with the awareness of the cause, as the case may be.

We train and provide tools that allow the message and speech to be strategically addressed from verbal and non-verbal communication, enhancing the intention of the message to be communicated.

We work on fears, diction, vocabulary, eloquence and fluency in order to transmit the intention and the desired message, enabling the capacity for expression.

We develop workshops that promote the well-being of human capital in order to provide tools that facilitate the reduction of tensions and stress such as the education of proper breathing, yoga exercises, meditation, in conjunction with related talks from different specialists.


"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come"