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Lawyer Javier A. Crea, President
Lawyer María de los Ángeles Berretino, Executive Director

Crea Legal promotes from Buenos Aires a leading project in the legal sector that interacts with professionals from the environmental sciences, engineering, human resources, communication, business marketing and psychology. For this, we have more than 50 professionals distributed in different national delegations, which reach the southernmost city in the world in the Province of Tierra del Fuego (Ushuaia), and international ones. The headquarters in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Brazil represent the internationalization of the firm, which also has a presence among other countries in the United States of America, Singapore, England and Portugal.

With more than forty-five years of experience, we are a multidisciplinary team prepared to face the challenges of our clients, whether they are individuals, civil associations, companies or government agencies, which allows us to also provide high-level academic training. Success stories support our work. We are prepared to attend to your problems with closeness and agility.

We have a great team of associated professionals that allow us to complement and all the rneeds of our clients in a comprehensive manner in the areas of Accounting, Finance and investments, Financing for SMEs, Foreign trade, Corporate Social esponsibility, Safety and hygiene at work, Training and development, among others.


A modern team


A great project like ours needs to have an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are experts in the different areas of Law. For this, we have more than 50 professionals, among which there are more than 30 lawyers. In addition, the members of the firm share the same characteristics and values: commitment, independence, work capacity, rigor and the search for excellence.

Our services are aligned with the principles and Sustainable Development Goals of the Global Compact promoted by the UN -United Nations Organization-

Our commitment consists of building lasting relationships with our clients, accompanying and advising them legally in the development of their organizational project to achieve their objectives, forming the best strategic alliance

We manage solutions

Our work team has professional experience with guidance in advisory and litigation services in administrative and judicial headquarters, constituting an integrative approach from the different areas of law that allow linking the various specialties of legal sciences.

We form a wide network with prestigious associate professionals of excellence who are in various countries, enabling adequate advice in legal services on a national and international scale.

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